About us

We have over 30 years of combined experience in the dental industry. In the modern practice environment, staff absences are becoming more common and they are causing a huge impact on day to day operations. Cancelled appointments are a big inconvenience to patients and represent a potential large loss of revenue for the practice. This is frustrating and unnecessary, especially when a wealth of dental talent exists in our communities.

Past methods of finding staff do not fill shifts reliably or with ease. Social media, calling lists, poorly made mobile apps and last minute scrambling has opened an opportunity for DragonTooth to create an application that is professional and user friendly. Our app is easy, fast, effective and has no monthly fees! An important element of DragonTooth was to present a solution that did not cost money if our tool was not used. Practices are only charged when a shift is successfully filled and completed. ​

DragonTooth was made by Dental Professionals, for Dental Professionals!  Please enjoy our efforts and we are always open to feedback and suggestions!  You can reach our team: info@dragontooth.ca.

“I have been in the dental industry for years and have always been involved in the process of helping Practices to find staff and fill shifts. Phone trees, Facebook groups, email lists, you name it, I’ve done it! DragonTooth is the solution that I have dreamed of for years!”   Christine G, Class of 2002 CDA II, Class of 2006 RDH

“The value of maintaining patient appointments, keeping continuity in your schedules and maintaining production for a minimal fee is a must for every dental practice!  DragonTooth is the answer to your needs!”  Dr. Michael G, 2005 DDS