Learn How it Works

Dental Practices/Owners

Dental Professionals/Staff

Practices create a profile with their location, contact and Visa/MasterCard

Professionals create a profile with their education, experience, availability and e-transfer email

Practices post a shift to cover for an employee (sick, vacation etc) setting the hours and rate

Shift is automatically sent via text/email to available Users that meet the qualifications, availability and geography

Qualifying Professionals review the Practice profile, shift hours and rate.

They accept or decline the opportunity

Practice awards the shift after reviewing profiles and ratings of Professionals who have accepted the opportunity

Professional completes the shift as selected

Practice confirms shift completion and rates experience

Professional confirms shift completion and rates experience

Payment is automated

10% shift fee added for DragonTooth
5% banking fee for the transaction

Practices have full records of all transactions and history


Payment is forwarded to Professional with access to full records of all transactions and history

Fee Structure

Roll your mouse over the sample invoice to see how fees are calculated.

DragonTooth Invoice and Fee Structure Example

dental practice

Name of the DENTAL PRACTICE being billed


dental practice owner

DENTAL PRACTICE owner name and billing address


dental professional worked

Name of the DENTAL PROFESSIONAL hired to work and shift details



Number of hours worked confirmed by both the PRACTICE and PROFESSIONAL



Hourly rate set for the shift



Amount paid directly to the DENTAL PROFESSIONAL, no deductions or fees and paid for every hour


dt fee

DragonTooth's fee is 10% of the $200 amount - paid by the DENTAL PRACTICE


proc fee

Credit Card and banking fees paid by the DENTAL PRACTICE


total tax

Provincial taxes paid on the DragonTooth fee and CC Processing fee.


total billed

Total billed to the DENTAL PRACTICE credit card.

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